Yellow is Sunshine. Yellow is Hope and Happiness.

You are my YELLOW.



On the night before vday, over the phone i was bugging beebops to tell me where would be going on vday. All he told me was to dress casual. I asked him shorts and tee shirt casual? And all i got was not THAT casual.

So i just dressed up without knowing if i would be dress wrongly or not. But coincidentally i was in the correct colour!

He gave me yellow flowers. Narcissus to be exact. I wonder if he was trying to imply anything by giving me such flowers.

extracted from Wikipedia
“The Narcissus flower is perceived quite differently in the east than in the west. Whereas in the west, the Narcissus flower is seen as a symbol of vanity, in China, the same flower is seen as a symbol of wealth and good fortune.”

I hope he’s implying the China version!

But if he is implying the western version, i guess there is nothing much i can dispute when i have so many pairs of shoes and piles of clothings as evidence. ^_^”

He drove to a very obscure corner of Singapore.
Where there were very little signs of development.
Where everything was as rural and rustic as in the 70s.
Which i totally relish for it’s simple and genuine exteriors.
No futuristic facade, no engineering defying architectual designs for me.

I think i am an old woman at heart. I hate developments, I love open spaces, beautiful sceneries and everything slow and peaceful. Maybe I can retire in New Zealand with a farm filled with cows and sheeps. All i need is internet connection to do my online shopping!


Our dinner location: Sunset Grill and Bar.

It is nicely tucked away right inside Seletar Airbase and adjacent to the runway, where Cessnas land and take off in a clockwork manner.


Luckily it was rather breezy so it was alright to dine alfresco as beebops and I perspire like a thunderstorm.


While waiting for our Level One Hot Wings and Deep Fried Button mushrooms, we roamed around the vicinity


If you find the food rather familiar looking and might have seen it somewhere, don’t worry it’s not deja vu. The Sunset Grill and Bar is by the same people who brought you Buckaroos at Sembawang.

After dinner we drove around in the compound looking at all the beautiful black and white colonial houses that peppered the area and peering into everyone as they are minutely different from their neighbours.



But they are beginning to develop the area already.
The establishments there are at most three storeys high but they are now building some office-like architecture that looks out of place there now.
Beebops let me in that this is part of developing the whole area to be a Aerospace Park.

Seriously, what is wrong with our gahment and the people around them? Everything must either turn it into a HUB or a PARK issit? Where is the creativity?

It’s just sad that everything natural, historical or serenely charming in singapore has to be destroyed to make way for some cold and “lifeless” establishment.

I’m just glad to be there to soak up all its charm, its green and everything historic before it loses its soul.

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