it’s the end of feb, inching into march.

things are changing, management views are also changing.

guess it’s time to throw in more charcoal to get the engine running at high capacities.
For the past 4-5 months, it was in conservation mode… it feels a little rusty to start again. but i guess there’s no way out unless……

we’re coming to march, almost completing a quarter. what have you done in your life thus far for year 2009? for myself, i dont have any on my list yet.

the cookie (my brother) is going overseas to slog his life away as a migrant worker where people talk like they are in a perpetual arguement.

So far i think the only thing that i can look forward to is that in May we will be going over to visit him for a week. It will be shoes and clothes galore!!!

talking about clothes, i am reminded of my lost in the sea order that i made a month ago. The perils of online shopping. LOST MAIL. whose fault is it anyway? I have been billed by the merchants and now they are slowly responding to my emails about my lost items. boohoohoo…

i’ve some pictures to upload…. but.. yeah i’m just feeling a little lack lustre these days. wait till i get more energy then i’ll edit and post them!

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