Happy Lunar New Year to all!

For all those that know me. I do believe alot in feng shui and some other superstitous things that only our elders believe. For forecast of the year of the Ox for pigs do not seem to be very good neither would it be a very bad year ahead.

Went to sentosa with beebops to see their spring flowers display.

I’ve never been to one before though it has been held on a yearly basis since 2005. I’ve only seen pictures of the flowers. The sea of colours amidst the greenery in sentosa.

Compared to what i see in the pictures, this year’s display is really disappointing in the sense of the number of different species of flowers and the display designs.

We completed the whole trail so quickly, due to the lack of beautiful display to let us stand in awe for a good 5 mins, that we got a little hungry and wanted some “BRAIN” food.

The two nicer displays were the Rainbow and the Valentine’s Heart.

Okie scooting off to meet the “mumsie and the sissy”….

Once again…

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