finally went to fly our kites.. it was bought 2 years ago and for the first time we are flying it.
it hard to find an open space in singapore that the gahment has not attempted to try to “improve, upgrade, extend” and what’s not in singapore.

So in some corner of singapore beebops suggested this close to untouched land where blockages were minimal.

My kite was such a breeze to fly! so perfectly design to catch the air below it’s wing span to let it glide effortlessly in the skies.

Kites are like relationships. Held to someone else by a thin thread.
The kite flyer has to learn to give enough slack to the kite when it tugs hard from that gust of wind. Too much tension in the thread would only lead the kite to break away from all the control that you have been giving it. Too much slack and the kite might end up in a tangled mess.

It’s all about giving and taking in the right quantities.

Rest assure my dear friends that there is nothing wrong with my r/ship.
Just one of my rare moments of epiphany. Treasure it! muahahaha…

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