2008 is over.. so what….

2008 came to an end….

i had a great party by the beach to usher in the new year with new people.

what next?

2009 will definitely be a year full of challenges. not so much of challenges in the sense of working to get better but more of working to get out of the rut. not very optimistic view i must say but don’t worry i wun turn suicidal or be lure into the deep dark trenches of depression cos i can safely say that i have great friends and family around me to give me the encouragement and directions should i stray away.

i dont really know what to expect. uncertainty. loads of it. i dont know what my next move should be i dont know what would beebops be going to do. i dont even know if i will be able to stay in the job.

all these thought does get to me sometimes but i’ll just brush it off. cos this is definitely not something within my circle of influence (read: 7 habits of highly effective people)

is they what they say the quarter life crisis and i’m a little slow to realise that it’s coming to hit me.

I saw in an article the new year resolutions are bad for us. FINALLY some evidence to show that there is absolutely not need in setting resolutions.

I dont have resolutions. but does that mean i lack the eagerness and ambition to move ahead?

I just need time to get my life compass working again.

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