of pins and needles

i made it!

the cushion for beebops that i wanted to make for him since eons ago…
since this year i ran out of ideas as to what to get for him for christmas and the perfume that i already bought for him is not too fun altogether, i decided to make this stuffed doll for him!

Bought all the materials from Spotlight. I love walking around in spotlight cos there are so many mini craft kits to make gift making so much easier. I can spend hours there looking at everything and wishing that they can all be mine!

sadly due to my lack of talent in drawing and designing i did not come up with the design of the doll myself. my doll is “inspired” by Big Toe Ugly Doll.

after getting inspired, i got down to work… but with a pen first


after many needle pricks and thread tangling, he’s beginning to take form


it looks marginally different from the ugly doll above as it’s lacking in TWO TOOTH but i reckon that my skills are not up to make enough to sew something so small on an elastic background hence i did without the tooths.

and we have…….


Yeah he’s named TeeTee. Short for Two Tooth. I think TeeTee looks cuter than Big Toe as TeeTee looks so much more confused about where he is, what he does, why he’s blue and everything else.

  1. #1 by The child whom Jesus loves on January 7, 2009 - 12:58 pm

    Harhar, TeeTee is soo cute!!! I think you’re very talented lor, can bring into life something that you conceptualise, although not exactly the same as what we set out to do, isn’t that how life is like also?Happy New Year anyways! Oh yah, your Christmas gift still with me…

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