water will not run dry…… hopefully.

what am i talking about in the title? i’m referring to the marina barrage that was newly opened recently.
honestly i was really impressed on the whole idea of marina barrage when i was there.
but of cos prior to going to the marina barrage i couldnt understand why there was so much work and emphasis were placed on it.

why did they build the marina barrage?
The barrage was built for 3 purposes. One was to regulate the freshwater supply. The orgins of the water body in the marina basin comes from as far as punggol, serangoon, bishan, geylang. Meaning to say the canels in these places all lead to the marina barrage and subsequently into the sea.

The barrage is also used to control flood in flood prone areas like chinatown, geylang and jalan besar. The barrage will pump out/ open up to reduce the amount of water in the canel to easy flooding and drainage in these areas.

Lastly, which i think is something rather lame, it can be used for water activities. maybe they justwanted to sound more power packed like 3-in-1 rather than 2-in-1 hence the last reason.

Anyway the design of the building at marina barrage is really nice and meaningful. it has a very prominent number ‘9’ incorporated into it and that is to signify that with this barrage, singapore will be here to stay for a long time…. like chang chang jiu jiu…

I went there after yanping’s wedding luncheon hence i looked terribly overdressed for the occassion and as compared to beebops. luckily the skies were gloomy and it was not that hot else i would have been really grumpy.

On top of it all….

i like to hide behind beebops when we take pictures so that i can look vaguely demure and pretty…

he said i look the same and then he decided that he wanted to be demure too but i disapprove!

it opens!!! they open the barrage twice a day if i remember correctly once i duno when another is at 6pm….

see the border of the “freshwater” with the seawater. it look rather gross cos the ‘freshwater’ was yellowish compared to the turqoise coloured sea water.

flyer in his hands….

i’m better i’m balancing it on my nose!

venturi man???

i look like mr water…. heavy bottom..

there was an exhibition of sorts to let visitors read more about the barrage and what goes through the process of building it.

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