There was an old woman who lived in a SHOE

well i’m not quite old yet but i really feel like i’m sleeping in a shoe store!


Two boxes of them!


Before you start saying that i am out of my mind, they are not MY personal orders only… only two out of those many.. though i wished they can be all mine and that i have a beautiful shoe rack for all my dainty heels but if that day does come my daddy would probably disown me… *hur hur*

oh ya.. talking about my daddy, i think i know that buying habits are genetic! my daddy has this urge/need to buy something from the IT fairs, e.g. IT show, SITEX, etc.
Two IT fairs ago, he bought a video/digicam. *frowns*
Last IT fair he bought a laptop…. (when he already has two laptops at home!)*double frowns*

So this IT fair i thought, confirm nothing else for him to buy. plus i don need to change laptop plus my brother’s pc is doing fine and all he needed was an external hdd which was really harmless.

But this time round i really feel like fainting.
he bought a plasma tv…. when none of our tv has broken down nor showed any signs of minute overusage! plus plus it’s 42″, way too huge for my short living room!

And plasma teevees give me a headache as they have shadow like images and is hardly clear!

Seriously CRT flat screen tvs are much much better in terms of image projections and clarity of images. plasma and lcd tvs just look nicer cos they are sleeker but are they really better? i seriously doubt it.

haiz…. i can really go on grumbling about the redundancy of this new tv….. oh well i’ll just stay away from the tv and watch more japanese drama serials!

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