ZZzzzzZZZ is for Zirca

It was a last minute decision to go to the preview… i left home in some frumpy looking blue dress all ready for my gym session @ SMU. But i just collected my loot for my spree! A black shirt dress and black heels! Perfecto! So i changed into my brand new outfit all ready for an all new club.


Presenting Zirca…….

Imagine. Glitzy, world-class entertainment set to defy all expectations and boundaries – ZIRCA, a first-ever mega dance club combining seamlessly with a hand-picked selection of the world’s most beautiful and acclaimed entertainers and performers; REBEL, a cool urban hip-hop boutique club that spells attitude and unconventional chic; YELLO JELLO, a groovy, disco/funk bar that celebrates retro and the golden years of rock and roll…

The brainchild of Lifebrandz Ltd, these three brand new, original concept clubs presented by The Cannery, promise to set Clarke Quay’s nightlife on fire and breathe new life into the city’s entertainment scene. They will make their way to Singapore shores at the end of November 2008.

ZIRCA Mega Club
Enter the gates of sin city

Mystery. Awe. Drama. Your sensorial journey begins as you walk through the gates of ZIRCA mega club and get transported to a land of fantasy.

At ZIRCA, you can expect a brand new dance club that begs to differ. Get treated to an audio-visual spectacle every night with interactive and engaging live performances: exotic vignettes of performances consisting of aerialists flying gracefully overhead, contortionists morphing their bodies in impossibly challenging sequences, risqué Cabaret and Burlesque shows, death-defying stunts and poi jugglers synchronising to the club’s music, await you.

The assembly of award-winning and internationally acclaimed performances, inspired by breathtaking circus, popular Broadway and out-of-this-world fringe shows, are part of the entertainment repertoire that keep you wanting more. ZIRCA is set to push the boundaries of clubbing combining the best of Cirque, Cabaret and a modern-day dance club. The mega club will be home to early-hour entertainment featuring critically-acclaimed international stage shows from Las Vegas and Broadway. The drama then unfolds as the night progresses with live interactive entertainment that synergises seamlessly with the dance club’s mash-up music beats. These are all part of your nouveau, mind-blowing entertainment experience at ZIRCA.

Well well all the hype and flowery words for this new club.
Does get you a little excited about seeing the opening of this club eh? Well done on the advertising and marketing…. but what was displayed on the preview night really leaves much to be desired.

PhotobucketThere was a really long queue to the club when we reached at about 10pm. The queue went all the way to the taxi stand in front of TCC. It took us about an hour in the queue before we went into the club. i must say it’s not really me to want to queue that long to just get into anything much less a new club..

The layout of the club is the same!!! no change to a large portion of the club the main difference was the size of the dance floor has reduced tremendously being replaced by tables and chairs, possibly to view the performance on stage akin to dragonfly style…

I hated the light decorations. Absolute display of no thought given to the design and image of the club. It exudes such trashy and garish image…. in my opinion very low class for such a big club. It’s worse than stepping into a sleazy pub…

the walls of the club is really pretty. it’s black in colour but very sparkly and glittery. HOWEVER, it’s not very practical as it’s texture was that of sand paper… very dangerous place to get drunk as you will very likely get grazed if you depend on the wall to lead you out of the club…

This hanging plastic water collector was lowered at one part and two ‘models’ in very thin swim suit stepped into this ‘pool’ and started frolicking mindlessly in the pool with everyone starring at them from the bottom. they pushed their breasts again the plastics to let the people at the bottom has a closer looked, they dived around letting their bodies slide against the plastic.
At first i thought the concept of this pool was really interesting but it went on for like 15mins and it was a total bore as they kept repeating their motions in the pool which were neither sexy nor pleasing to the eye.

Then they had a performance similar to that of STOMP. That did not get the crowd really psyched up either. Luckily this performance is shorter than 15mins….

And there after there were dancers on hanging bridges above the dance floor…


I felt that the least they could do was hire professional dancers. the dancers on the platform did not give a performance that would glue your eyes to their bodies and trace out the movements of their bodies… there are two platforms one on the left and one on the right. this platform if the one on the left…
i did not take picture of the platform on the right as it was worse!!!

they acted like desperate woman from the strip club that was way over it’s prime.. i’m really sorry to put it in such a manner but this was what i felt. i know that it is most probably the fault of the club management rather than the girls themselves wanting to dance this way. but if you were there that night, you would get what i am trying to say…

sadly, this club just does not make it for me….

but but there’s something i like!

Skull light! so cute right???

  1. #1 by Mr and Mrs Tham on December 3, 2008 - 2:51 pm

    EVEREST!! ITs me lah, da sao! Linda Ong!!!I was there on that nite too!!omg ! packed like a can of sardines can!

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