day one

i ate unhealthy food for lunch!

fried chicken and onion rings at Dallas Chicken in Upper Cross St.

chicKENNY saw it some where in the internet and suggested going there for lunch.

I had spicy chicken that was not spicy at all and i just keep drenching my chicken in chilli sauce. BUT BUT.. the onion rings were yummy it was filled with real onions inside..

Feeling guilty from lunch, i decided i should go to the gym thereafter. Hence have neutralised my unhealthy meal with calories burning..

hope to exercise everyday for this block leave as i think i will be involved in quite a number of mouth exercise..

*pray* it doesnt rain tomorrow… i want to go swimming with serene!

  1. #1 by The child whom Jesus loves on November 19, 2008 - 2:14 am

    Then you should be exercising your mouth by either:1. Eating more. The chewy onion rings were good.2. Engage in more kissing. That would help you build up sufficient stamina for verbal gymnastics with naughty customers.Enjoy your trip to malaysia!

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