the final months.

so was that 90% of 2008?

we’re left with the final months of 2008 and seriously i don’t think i did accomplish much in this year. my intentions of getting my promotion this year is definitely dashed. 5 good months. that was it.

And the market came tumbling down like a snowball at the top of the hill..

seriously with the media creating so much hype about what relationship managers do and the vulnerable customers are put through, don’t they have a more balanced way of producing the show such that it educates the consumers rather than instil more fear in them.

with possibly newer and tighter regulations in place, there is definitely a shift in paradigm for the banking industry.

but what awaits us is a big blur.

luckily daddy seems rather supportive. saying that even if retrenchment should come, it cant be avoided. maybe he thinks that i’ll not be able to take the harsh reality of this cruel money driven world and i’ll turn depressive so he must sound more supportive in case….

what ever will be will be.

i’m probably taking it easy as i don’t have much commitments and liabilities except for my university fee payment back to daddy’s cpf. but realistically, we cannot control what happens around us.

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