the road ahead…

I almost forgot my password to log into my blogroll…. *hurhur*

my pc has been giving me alot of problems and also it’s beginning to take a toll on the lappie to process any picture editing.

going to work seems like a drag now. not that i hate my job or boss or colleagues but my job scope seems to have changed very drastically. now it’s just explaining things to customers and it’s the same old story that i have to tell them and reassure them. Job satisfaction is definitely something very foreign to me now.

for the time being, the organisation seems to be very understanding as to what we are actually experiencing in the front line and have already told us that they would not be stressing about the importance of sales. how long this situation can actually persist is probably going through every sales person’s mind.

how can we move ahead without being caught in a situation when the company finally decided that this sale-less period must end and eventually blood will be shed?

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