NDP preview photos

So grateful to my brother who managed to get me tickets for NDP preview.

Been three years since me and beebops went to the parade. And it’s my first time going to the Marina Floating platform. So i was hyped up and i went to paint my nails!

We decided to take a train to City Hall instead of drive cos we reckon that traffic would be such a pain in the ass as a normal day it is already so bad more over when it’s the parade weekend.

Our NDP get up!

Security is really tight where they will scan bags in the xray machine which are used at the airports…. but luckily they did not confiscate my water bottle….

clear roads means bad traffic in surrounding areas…

throngs of people everywhere….

weather was extremely hot and humid with the sun shining mercilessly…

Straight ahead into the blue sector.

picture frenzy while waiting for the parade to start!

Blinking lights design on the cap

Race boats making the design of 08 on the water.

Due to time constraints and a very slow and lousy computer, that was the photos that i could edit over the weekend.

Didn’t really manage to do much nor rest as much as thought i could cos in the end i was out with beebops and mother bops to see the interior designer for his renovation of his home and room. I love designing rooms and looking around for furnishing! but that is if i dont have to fork out a single cent and just offer advices.

the interior designer suggested unnecessary furnishing like a very elaborate study table with bi-fold doors so that i can hide the table when not in use. for those who don’t know what are bi-fold doors, they are actually the same mechanism that the new HDB toilets use, which also happen to spoil very easily… the table costs $2k ++. Seow lor… totally redundant cos beebops does not need such tables as all he does is just use the lappie and also he will never ever close the bifold doors.. haha…

The designer also suggested an L-shaped wardrobe which i hate cos there is wastage of space for most L-shaped wardrobe. Hmmm it sounds as though it’s like gonna be my room also right? But, nah, i’m just more concerned about the practicality of things cos afterall i am a very pratical person when it comes to furnishing.. the designer absolutely did not do any furniture needs analysis on beebops when it comes to recommending the furnishing for his room! *tsk tsk*

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