Hotel in KL

i lost the photos for KL. But just wanted to share about the hotel we stayed in KL.

Swiss Garden Hotel, which is a 5mins walk to Bukit Bintang area in KL. Our room was a premier deluxe and cost about $70 per person per night. They probably just renovated the place as the exterior of the hotel looked abit dated.

But the lobby of the hotel was really nice and it had a warm and welcoming feeling.

We had breakfast included in our room booking. Breakfast was served in the Flavours Cafe (below) but the spread was not too fantastic as they didn’t have my omelette with cheese and ham and mushrooms!We stayed in the deluxe premier room which is larger than the deluxe room which was important as we had to add another bed in the room. The room really looks just like that in the picture shown.

But one bad thing about the hotel is that the traffic in the area is a nightmare as about 200m down the road there is a major bus interchange where all the long distance buses will gather and wait and it caused quite a huge jam when we were trying to leave the hotel. The problem is very apparent when we left the hotel about 2-3pm when all the buses were also preparing to ferry the people back to their hometowns to get ready for work the next day, Monday.

I think other than this problem, i would go back to stay in the hotel. Maybe the next time i am down in KL for motoGP or something….

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