The weekend

After a rather tiring July, i drove up to KL with kelly and kelvin. To think about it i must be kind of out my mind to suggest KL with it being a 3.5hrs drive away. But Kelvin was nice enough to drive the both of us up and to just rot in KL and just eat and eat.

Went to the Eye on Malaysia for the first time and took really nice pictures of the ferris wheel, which felt abit like a roller coaster given its speed of rotation. BUT……….

I lost my SD card. I wanted to develop the pictures we took for kelly and i walked around the whole neighbourhood and there is not one single shop in amk that can develop pictures. Guess old people don’t really take picture neither do they develop picture right? *frowns* So yeah no pictures no nothing… WTH right…. sigh..

Anyway this weekend is gonna be awesome!

NDP preview on saturday and Singfest on Sunday! *yippeeee*

This time i wouldnt lose my sd card. *grunt*

  1. #1 by The child whom Jesus loves on August 3, 2008 - 2:01 am

    So good.. got tickets to NDP Preview… I remember you went with your bf to NDP 06 Preview right? =)

  2. #2 by ~ Everest ~ on August 6, 2008 - 12:28 am

    haha not ndp 06 it was 05!!!

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