finally i downloaded the software to help me edit my pictures effortlessly!
now i dont have to create a collage on my own!

Technology does kill creativity and cause brain cells to degenerate eh?

More pictures from me from now onwards!

On Beebops Bday, we hung out at JB and stayed over at Mutiara JB, which was next to Holiday Inn, pirated dvd haven! Very nice and clean i must say.

His birthday present to replace his existing green, peeling taiga cardholder!

Absolutely loved the smooth buttery leather of this card holder. Thanks Ms Serene Z for accompanying me to get the card holder. *hugs*

Hope the new month would be a better one for me.

Having some doubts, but i think i can only take it one step at a time.

Beebops is going to quit his job… And he hasn’t found a new job.
Sometimes i really don’t know what goes on in his mind.
I for one can never think of quitting a job without getting another job.
Moreover he has fixed liabilities. I only need to curb my urge for buying shoes and bags!

I never really bothered asking him about his finances in terms of his savings and spending but from my guesstimate, he doesnt have much savings. I wonder if he thought anything about our future. I wonder if he every did anything to prepare for the future. I wished sometimes i would care more about how he manages his money. But it’s just not me to care about how much he saves or what he does with his money. Spending half your pay on car installment is not some joking matter. I told him before he got his car, but instead he turned a deaf ear and insisted on getting it cos he loves it. Oh well what can i say.

At least i know what i am doing with my money, that’s most important to me.

Sometimes i hate to be restricted in terms of what to eat when we go out. I hate to be restricted by parking costs, erp charges and what’s not.

One day after branch closed and we did our usual kopi drinking at Broadway. Chitchatting with the boys. We talked about how we manage our finances and investments made. Then Adrian asked me what i spend my money on. Casually told them that it’s on clothes, shoes, bags and food. “Food?” Adrian asked. “Isn’t that supposed to be paid for by your bf?” Kelvin agreed.

Sadly, my bf doesn’t pay for my food. We go on dutch most of the time. And increasingly, i am paying for it. My reply, albeit heart wrenching was ” If my bf earns about the same as me and he has to pay for his car installments, i don’t think he can afford to pay for my food given my appetite.” Slapped by reality of my life. Gosh that hurts badly i tell u.

For my past few relationships i never had to pay for my food when i was out with my guy. It’s not about the money, it never is. But not being able to take care of such a simple part of my life is just so not right.

Oh well times have changed. I’ve got to depend on myself cos i know no one will be able to look after me financially.

  1. #1 by The child whom Jesus loves on June 3, 2008 - 12:29 am


  2. #2 by jolene ee on June 3, 2008 - 10:30 pm

    well that’s what love is all abt right. he would grow out of it soon…have faith. *winkComing from me. hahahah

  3. #3 by ~ Everest ~ on June 5, 2008 - 12:19 am

    jo, haha… sounds like you know how i feel!

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