ulcers and rashes…

yeah i know the title sounds bad… but that’s only name for the two things that i am suffering from. imagine the pain and itch i am going through. I talk with a slurred speech, my smiles are meek and crooked and i cant laugh out loud at all. I scratch my neck and my shoulders like my soul is possessed by some monkey spirits. argh..
Caught “What happens in Vegas” at the cinemas on friday. My favourite kind of shows! No shaky movie scene, no scheming plot for me to crack my head for.
Just good old romantic comedy that leaves a smile on your face and a fuzzy feeling when u walk out of the cinema. Well it helps tha Ashton Kutcher was the lead actor! Absolutely cute and charming! What a good catch Demi Moore got! Well just wonder how long she can keep him in her net..
I really like Cameron Diaz’s dressing in the show.. Thinking about it just makes me upset that i will no longer be able to wear my own work clothes come June. Sigh… What’s with uniforms man…
One show over the weekend is definately not enough! hehe.. So over at Beebop’s we watch on DVD, Juno.

It’s about a sixteen year old girl who got pregnant after having sex with her geeky looking best friend. She decided to keep her child when she chicken out at the Gynae for her abortion.

Juno goes about carrying the child, look for adoptive parents. There were also parts of the show that showed how people looked at her differently as she is pregnant and what they stereotyped. Entertaining and funny show as she has a very quirky and intelligent sense of humour with her out of the blue description of some situations.
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