Rascals… My darlings..

it’s been close a month since i adopted moony the loony! and he’s still pretty much the same except that he hardly humps and drool all over pebbles and he’s much better in terms of controlling his pee and poop but there will always be the occasional slip ups.
He’s a total opposite of pebbles. Active, barky and plays with toys. Moony is like a true blue terrier, inquisitive and very playful. Prior to getting him i always thought that dogs should be like Moony and not like Pebbles cos pebbles is just too silent and docile for a dog.

Oh well, it’s only after i’ve gotten moony then i realise that pebbles is like the ultimate dream dog that everyone would die to have at home. No no i’m not regretting it, my parents love moony as he’s really endearing and will try to jump up and stick very close to the person. Moony loves my daddy and he tails my daddy all over the house when he’s downstairs.

For me, i think there is some uncanny resemblance of moony and alf. Not only in terms of looks but character as both are so irritatingly adorable.


What say you? 😉

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