i’m back again!

One month since my last post again!

i have been lazy.

very very lazy to update my blog…

cos everytime i sit in front of the pc i look through the massive amount of pictures that i can post on my blog, i’ll sit there intently looking at the selections and then i’ll just close the window…

too much too much…

Very delayed pictures from Melaka, A’Famosa Resort. Our condotel! The Living room..

The view from our condotel…

Rustic shophouse in Melaka Town, Jonker Street

Chendol anyone?

Now back to the land of SMILES!!

Thailand was fun! The hotel (Prince Palace Hotel)that we stayed in was really cool and nicely decorated albeit a little off the city but heck cab fare is so cheap!

But the amount we spent on food was really ridiculous! One lunch was about SGD20, one dinner is SGD35. Not that the food was extremely fantastic. I ,for one, prefer road side stalls and food courts as it’s yummy and cheap!

Didn’t manage to get much stuffs from CTC market due to some time constraints and the sweltering heat did not help make things easier. wished we had more time shopping cos that is what bangkok is about right?

Going to zzzz first….. Will update with pictures again!

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