Year of the Rat

Food posting again!
Was at my granny’s place on the first day of Lunar New Year and she prepared a sumptious spread for all of us!

Cereal Prawns

Mixed Mushrooms and Dried Mussels

Cold Dish
Spinach Abalone

Spicy Chicken

Peas from the same pod

My Fav Cousin
Bro and Mommy

Chinese New Year seems to be losing it’s charm. Used to look forward to it when i was young cos of all the fuzzy feeling when i hang out with my cousins and relatives. Now i still enjoy hanging out with my cousins but the relatives part is less appealing when they start questioning me when i would get married.

Well i guess i don’t blame my uncle whom i’m not particularly close to nor on very good talking terms with as that is probably the only thing he can try to chat me up with now that i’m neither studying nor single.

Had dinner with the a couple of days after valentine’s day and the same uncle asked me how we celebrated out vday. Just told him about our extraordinarily normal dinner. No fancy flowers. No cringing sweet chocolates. Just two furry chipmunks as my present.

Then he made the most roll eyes comment : ” Wah how come never buy diamond ring?”

Hng! As though he bought it for his wife when he was dating… I don’t think he even bought her anything for vday lor… grrrrr…
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