Guilt Trip

It’s the festive season to share all the joy and warmth with friends and family members.

But who will share the fats that I have accumulated over two days of mindless bingeing of sumptious food?? *boohoohoo*

Xmas eve after work i went to my auntie’s place for bbq dinnner.
Xmas day had lunch with my uncle and granny.
Gathering at beebops’ place, munch on some food.

Lunch with my granny and uncle’s family was at Prima’s Revolving Tower Restaurant.

view from within the restaurant

The food is pretty good. We had set lunch but i think their dim sum looks rather old school and appetising too. Shall go there to try the dim sum some other time. But i’ll ask for the non-revolving seats cos my hypersensitive brain was spinning quite badly cos i could feel the movement of the floor when there were rough jerky patches on the revolving tracks.

Got to give it to the people who thought about such a design novelty back 10-20 years ago. It would expect maintainence of the revolving floor to be quite high and also to build the odd building.



my feet

it felt extremely ticklish but after awhile you’ll get used to the tingling feeling.

note the number of fishies feasting on the dead skin on my feet.

i was in the same pool as beebops and beano. but the fishies were swarming around my callused feet. can see from the above pictures the difference between my feet and theirs. and the same situation was like this for the whole time my feet was in the tank. when i lifted my legs out, the fishes would swim over to their feets but when i slowly immerse my feet into the water, they swarm to my feet like bees to honey!!

so it led to the boy feeling extremely dejected.

and beano moving to another pool to get more attention from the fishes.

FINALLY… look of satisfaction!

Both of them swear never to go fish therapy with me ever again!

but then again i doubt i will pay for this fish therapy again cos i think that the good ole foot reflexology is much more comfortable and relaxing.

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