sand paper throat

not feeling the best of health. sore throat and blocked nose is one of the worst things that can happen when you’re in the sales line.
still gotta talk no matter how terribly painful or horrible sounding i am cos i need my sales!

explaining the new SD is hard enough on it’s own and now with a hoarse voice, tender throat and my shortness of breath, it takes presentation to a new euphoric level.

sometimes i wonder if i’m in a race with no finishing line. Only drink stations for me to take a sip of isotonic drink and continue running.
I had a pretty good start to this month, but things have been slowing down very drastically. And what better way to reach mid month knowing that i have an insurance cancellation.

Ultimate demoralisation.

SUCKS. Maybe i’m feeling so negative cos i’m feeling sick.
Sick physically or maybe sick of my work. But i think it’s the former. I hope it is.

I just need to rest well and continue my race. My neverending race.

p/s: beebops purposely wanted to eat dinner around my place so that he can come and accompany me.
but i just feel tired.
i wana be alone and i told him to go home cos i didnt feel like talking anyway.

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