I’m sure i’m not the only person who hates them. Freaking bad attitude.
Think they are some big shots driving luxury cars. *PUI*

Took a cab to customer’s place to collect some stuffs.
Wanted to take a cab there, ask the cabbie to wait for me while i collect my stuff and then take the same cab back to CP.

I boarded the merc cab at the taxi stand, told the fat ass uncle where i wanted to go. moving 200m away from the taxi stand i told the fat ass uncle later to wait for me while i collect the documents then send me back to CP.

Guess what?

That freaking ass said ” No cannot. I am rushing for time. Can only alight you.”

Me: ” Then you send me back to the same taxi stand and i’ll take another cab that can follow my request.”

Fat ass :” No cannot. I’ll send you to your destination and let you alight there”

Me: “I want to take my document and go back to CP. It wouldn’t even take more than 5mins!!”

Fat ass: ” Cannot i rushing off to somewhere.”

Me: ” Why u pick up customer if u rushing somewhere?”

Fat ass: ” Cos from my experience the people at that taxi stand will only travel around the Sengkang area and very fast one.”

See why i call him an ASS? cos he assumed that the people there will make short trips!

Damn pissed. I wanted so much to get off the cab and not pay cos i feel that he’s not doing his job anyway. But at the same time i was super chickened… what if he decided to ram me down with his blardy merc.. what if he sits on me and crush my ribs. What if…. So in the end i paid him cos i was too chicken.

Left the cab still very angry and called up the hotline. Horror of all horrors, the CSO of that hotline was also lagi worse. I explained to her the whole event and she told me nonchalently that they can’t control what appointments taxi drivers have. I mean that’s besides the point lor. F**king stoopid minah!

I hate comfortdelgro’s cab.
I hate merc cab.
I hate SHC870U!

  1. #1 by Sther on December 18, 2007 - 10:04 pm

    Everest!! same same…my big boss frm HK left something in a cab and u know how long they took to return it? more than 24 hrs..siao rite??Im so super pissed with them too..wrote in twice to their email, since 2 weeks ago..no reply leh!they are so super inefficient!!

  2. #2 by ~ Everest ~ on December 26, 2007 - 1:59 am

    haiz.. i expect them to just pretend to be interested in our complains lor. so irritating. now increase price somemore

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