The Chronicles of Pebbles……

End of Adventure!
Apparently, he wandered to the 24hr kopitiam area. Luckily, he being a very friendly and docile doggie, he could be captured rather easily. Because of that someone managed to kidnap him and lock him up for one night. Luckily we pasted the posters at the right block else that kind person wouldn’t be able to contact us.
Popped down to expo with beebops cos he wanted to get his portable hdd. quite boring i must say. maybe cos i have lost touch with all the changes in technology. like the speed of processor, hdd space, ram, yaddah yaddah.. all seems a little foreign to me now.
Anyway i think it’s crazy what technology is at today. 500GB HDD space. What the fiak do you need so much space for? To store a united nation collection of porn? To store songs of a hundred different languages? WTH… before you can even use up the storage space, the life span of the HDD is up already. weird people.
I’m just contented with my 4.5yr old ASUS dinosaur. 1.7GHz Intel Pentium 4. 20GB HDD. It doesn’t even have a built in WiFi and i’m using a PCMI Wireless Lan card to surf the net.
Walking around, it suddenly reminded me that youth is no longer on my side. I used to be one of those laptop sales people. I used look forward to computer fairs cos it meant $$$$ for me.. basic and commission for 3-4days of work can be like $600-$800. Good money for a university student.
I miss studying FULL-TIME.
After sitex closed, we walked to the neighbouring exhibition hall where there was the Robinson’s sale.

I bought cushy bedsheet and quilt cover set!Close up of bedsheet.

And a bunch of 6 unsightly undies!


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