my pebbles is missing.

i’m feeling very upset that i can’t see him anywhere around despite walking the whole neighbourhood.
i worry for pebbles cos he has not taken his dinner.
he needs to drink lots of water but where i he going to find it when he’s out all alone.
it’s an extremely cooling night tonight and i wonder if he’ll be safe and warm.
he’s got a ear infection and who’s gonna clean his ears.
i worry that he doesn’t know how to cross the road and he might hurt himself should he try to do so.

to make matters worse, i have a boyfriend who doesnt give a fuck to how i feel.

it doesn’t bother him that i’m feeling upset and that i need his company.
all he cares about is to wait for his friends and have dinner with them.

i hate to compare. i really do.

but i don’t see why my friends can be so worried towards me and offered to come over to look for pebbles with me when my boyfriend can sound so nonchalent that pebbles is missing. maybe deep down inside you, you dislike pebbles cos he’s smelly, greedy and ugly. but he’s my dog and i love him and you couldnt care less about how i feel.

what’s the point of being there for him when i need him when he doesn’t do the same for me.
do you believe that to love someone, i should give unconditionally without expecting anything in return. CRAP, i say.

we make little sacrifices in our lifes for each other because the other party mean the world to us.
you stop giving when u feel that the other party is not worth your time and sacrifices.
you start taking your other half’s feelings and emotions for granted when they no longer occupy a special place in your heart.

i don’t need the blinding sparkle of the diamond ring, nor the aromatic fragrance of a bouquet of flowers. all i need is your care and concern.

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