retail therapy on a budget

been feeling a bit cash tight after coming back from hongkong.

so i have been controlling my spending on food, clothes and what’s not else i probably would have no spare cash for christmas.

but i still managed to indulge in some great buys!

3 dresses and 1 skirt for less than $20 in total.

And……. *drumroll*

More shoes!

When I came home with the plastic bags, mummy was looking at me with disgust. She did her SOP and asked me what i bought. I told her shoes… but before she could react to my answer, i proudly proclaim that i got it for only $5.80. That kept her quiet.

Thanks to cool Beans, whom shared her $150 mondo vouchers with me, so i only paid $5.80 in total for these shoes!

Ordered cupcakes for Beebops on our monthivesary! I asked for yellow themed cos i couldnt think of anything interesting. They look pretty alright, but i don’t know how they taste cos selfish beebops never shared it with me!

Got them from . Their designs are fantastically beautiful so much so that i dont think you will want to eat them when someone gives them to you. And it’s much more affordable than c-cups which i feel is over-commercialized…

Did my nails on Friday night.

Been some time since i last did my manicure. I guess i just haven’t gotten the time to do my own stuff.

Eversince i started work, i haven’t really got the time to sit back and think about things. To reflect on what has gone past and what i can for myself. Now it’s just got to work, after work i either hang out with bops, or meet my friends or go for drinks with my colleagues. I hardly have time to just slack in my room, do my own stuffs like snuggle in bed with a good book, clean up my pig sty.

Sometimes i wish that my working hours are just 9-6pm and i can just do my own things after work. Like hitting the gym, going for hip-hop classes, attending japanese classes. All these seems like a luxury to me now when i finish work at 730pm on a good day.

Well, now i can finally understand why people were telling me to enjoy my life as a student while i still can.

We just lose ourselves in our daily routine.

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