hong kong part 1

I’m back from holiday!

Definitely not an easy thing to go back to work…. It’s been quite a drag for the past week.
Not having much sales and cold calling leads that are super freezingly unfriendly and cold. I don’t want to go without commission this month!

My link for the pictures are up already at the side so dear friends, you can go there and look through the whole album.

Walked a lot when I was in HK and I really regretted not bringing along my birkies. I thought it would be cold and ugly to wear birkies during early winter. But wth comfort is more important!

B1 Jo seems to be in alot of pictures eating and pigging out!

On the second day we went into Shenzhen for some shopping. Things were much cheaper in SZ than in HK but the sales assistants are really pushy.B1 Jo and I made the mistake in asking them how much hair extensions costs, cos that unleashed the maniac sales assistants’ pushy and ,to a certain extent, threatening trailings. Two of them kept following us where ever we went, even when we had lunch at the hk fast food restaurant, they were waiting for us outside the restaurant. That experience did spoil our mood for shopping slightly but on a brighter note i’m quite impressed with their perserverance for just a simple hair extension and at such a low price. SGD$60 only!!

If only i can force sell RP to my customers! *muahahaha*

Shopping loots in shenzhen: 1 Ah-lian jeans, 1 butt & hip slimming 3/4s, 2 pairs of heels.

After the 1hour shopping spree that B1 Jo and I were given by the 3 bored guys, we went for foot massage. Super duper cheap! And SUPER DUPER good! Guess what, it only costs SGD5! Where to find such a good rate for 80mins of therapeutic foot reflexology-cum-shoulder massage-cum ginger wrap? It’s so shiok that B1 Jo fell soundly asleep.

I think the massage is probably the only thing that I really liked about SZ. =)

To be continued……..

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