puffy ears

my silly furry darling has a bad habit of shaking his head ever so violently as though he is getting rid of the ears stuck on his head. well who knew that this bad habit would lead to such a costly consequence. As you can see from the picture, he has up-down ears! Pebbles tries his best to look pathetic here so that he can gather enough people to donate to fix his ears.

His condition is Aural Haematoma.

Shaking the head or scratching the ear may cause damage to a blood
vessel that runs through the ear flap, leading to the development of an
accumulation of blood beside the ear cartilage, which is known as an aural
haematoma. The resultant swelling may cover part of or the entire ear flap. This
condition is more common in dogs but can also occur in cats. The swelling of the
ear flap may cause discomfort to the animal due to the extra weight. If left
untreated the fluid will be slowly absorbed back into the body, but this is
generally associated with a lot of scarring and so the ear will not be visually
appealing afterwards (there will be a cauliflower ear) and there may be ongoing

If this condition develops in your dog or cat you
should make an appointment for it to be checked by a vet. It is then generally
best to anaesthetise the animal to create a hole on the inside of the ear flap,
which allows the blood clot to be removed, and then the two sides of the ear
flap are sutured together with multiple stitches to prevent the cavity from
refilling with blood, to keep the ear flat whilst it heals.

So as advised by the online articles, i went to see a vet. And the solution?

So here i am deliberating what should be done… it’s been close to a week.

Well, so I talked to Pebbles about his ears and we have come to the agreement that we would most probably not go for the operation and he said that he’ll bear with the additional weight on his left though it’s leaving him with a bad neckache to support the additional weight. My side of the deal was that the 900bucks saved would go into his greenies and yummy treats fund. I reassured him that if his swell subsided leaving him with “cauliflower ears” ,as mentioned above, I would still dote on him and give him all my love. He was agreeable.
A friendly paw-and-hand shake. DONE DEAL!

For animal activist reading this, I don’t think that I torturing my dog as it does not hurt. The only concern that it’s uncomfortable for him. But seriously, for once i felt totally helpless when i was told of the amount for the whole operation. It’s not a small sum and in my opinion a little exhorbitant to pay for a simple slice of the ear. Well, it’s just too bad that we don’t have polyclinic’s or welfare organisations that we can go to for veterinarian services. It’s little wonder why sometimes people choose to abandon their dogs when they are stricken with some chronic problems than take them to the vets to seek help.

So, from this, I have decided to make studying veterinary science my mid-life career switch route! Probably Serene can house me in her Pet Shop-cum- Greg’s Cafe. Yipee….

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