Do you still remember the promises that you made when we got together?

Do they still matter to you?

YOU promised that you would not be late and will plan your time ahead.
YOU said you would be punctual.

And now?

It’s YOU that give me lame excuses for being late everytime.
It’s YOU leaving me to wait at your place like a fool.
And it’s YOU that never apologises for being late.

You were supposed to reach home at 10pm. Leaving at 950pm from Mt Faber doesn’t get you home in 10mins much less during a time when everyone is heading home. Is it my fault that there’s heavy traffic on the expressway? Is it my fault that I am angry with you for making me wait? Is it my fault that you have no responsibility towards being on time?

Maybe I’m just dumb. Naive. Innocent. Whatever.

All I wanted was to end the day having dinner with you and enjoy your company while guessing who will be out next on ANTM. Is that too much to ask?

I did my part to make it happen. Did you?

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