flying freely in the clear blue skies…. NOT!

The gahment has a pastime. A seemingly noble but actually very devious way of doing things.
They take pride and joy in turning every piece of natural landscape in spore island into a park that looks like any other park on the rest of the island. Well it can sure make people who live in the West feel like they are in East Coast when they are actually strolling in West Coast park. But other than that I don’t see why all parks cant be left as it is without having to undergo all the makeovers.
Where has all the unique characteristics of each location gone to? Forgotten and hidden away under the grainy concrete flooring that the gahment has created. Look at MacRitchie reservoir! I love the place for the open, natural and relaxing feeling. And what did our dear gahment choose to do to it? They have to build a multi storey carpark at the reservoir marring the outdoor feel it gives. Noblely, they said it’s because there is not enough carpark. But it’s just a nice way of telling the public that, ” Hey, you know, since so many of you are going there now, it seems like a waste that i’m not charging you any parking fees. ”
Enough ranting ’bout the gahment cos it’s a never ending story. All I wanted to say was that i attempted kite flying with The Boy on saturday when we realised that the usual kite flying area has been reduced in size and a portion cordoned off for the construction of some devious money making projects. Not only was the ground area reduced, the whole area had hardly any breeze! Not entirely sure if it’s cos of the construction that is blocking the breeze from the sea or it’s just a still air day.

“dissapointed with the space”

“tramatised victim of over-construction”

” dejected Boy who couldn’t fly his kite “

Just dug out this picture when i went kite flying with The Boy. Time flies. It’s been two years and so many changes around us. Places change. Will the scenery still be so simple yet mesmerising? People change. Will we still be together? I guess it’s not for us to say but all i can say is that i’m growing to understand you better and loving your every strength and weakness with each passing day. Beebops, I love you.

Oppsss… Got a little sentimental when I saw the pics as it reminded me of a lot of things. Picture speaks a thousand words doesn’t it.

Sleep tight.

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